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Handy Numbers

Handy Numbers

Does the app send notifications about the notes we add?

Not quite. As you exit Handy Numbers (by pressing the home button) the marked notes will be added to your Notification Center for easy access and consultation. This only happens when you open and close Handy Numbers and no notifications will be sent afterwards.

Is there any difference between the Android app and the iOS app?

No, despite some differences in aesthetics and interface to keep the app consistent with the platform’s look & feel, all features are the same.

The app is not using my language. Why?

Currently our apps support English and Portuguese and the language is chosen from your system settings. If you want to switch from Portuguese to English, or vice-versa, check the instructions below for your mobile platform:
Go to your device Settings -> General -> International -> Language and choose your preferred language.
Go to your device Settings -> Language & Input -> Language and choose your preferred language.
Some android devices don’t expose all languages, if you don’t find your preferred language in Settings you can try selecting it though the open source app MoreLocale 2.

Why can I only see the notification center after unlocking my screen?

Depending on the mobile platform, and even on the operating system version, you may have to unlock the screen before being able to access the Notification Center. In case you use a password, or any other locking mechanism, it’s normal for this to happen as way of protecting your personal information.