Net Wage PT

Net Wage PT

The best way to find the Portuguese take home salary

Net Wage PT is the app that tells you the Portuguese take home salary,
a simple and handy tool, ideal for job interviews and salary negotiations.
Learn your monthly and yearly net salary from 2007 to 2013.






Monthly & Yearly Net Salary

In a simple and straightforward manner Net Wage PT will calculate both the monthly and annual Portuguese take home salary so you can easily compare different salary offers.

Christmas & Vacation Allowances

Find out how much you will earn on your vacation month or before Christmas. If your Christmas/vacation allowances are spread throughout the year this will be taken into consideration.

Shift Allowance

Does you salary include a shift allowance? Net Wage PT allows you to factor in how much the shift allowance will impact your real salary.

Main Features

Meal Allowance

Your meal allowance will be added and due taxes subtracted accordingly.

Other taxable income

In case you receive any other taxable payments, these can be factored in.

National Insurance

Not everyone deducts the same for national insurance, Net Wage PT allows you to edit this value.

IRS Bracket

Find out the IRS bracket for a given gross income.

Non taxable allowances

Any non taxable allowances can be added in.

Location, Civil State and Dependents Number

Net Wage will consider these to give you an accurate calculation of your net salary.

Net Wage PT: The Best App to find the Portuguese take home salary
Net Wage PT will help you to be prepared for job interviews and salary negotiations.

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