Launch of our 2nd app – Handy Numbers 110

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A few days after AppsCot celebrated its 2nd anniversary, AppsCot now celebrates the release of a new app. It is with great pride that we announce Handy Numbers app has been published and is available now on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

With Handy Numbers you’ll save all your important numbers and notes and you’ll be able to access them quickly through the innovative use of the Notification Center.

With this app users will keep their data organized by assigning labels and will access it in a blazing fast way, through the notification center with the swipe of a finger. No longer users will have to memorize trivial information or pencil notes on their hands, nor will have to unlock their device and search for the app or widget holding their notes.

Here are some ways to use Handy Numbers in daily life like saving:
  • Lucky lottery numbers
  • Those phone numbers one only needs to call once
  • Little reminders such as “don’t forget the milk”
  • A bank account number
  • Addresses

We believe this app is a very useful and practical tool, specially this days when we need to intake so much information and present it quickly. It was precisely that challenge that propelled us to find a different approach in presenting notes and numbers, with a component of speed, assuring as always, simplicity and easiness to use.

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