AppsCot and Net Wage PT mentioned in the media 20037

AppsCot and its work starts to gain some attention from the Portuguese media and blogosphere.

Below are some articles that address AppsCot and our app Net Wage PT (free translation):

iOS 7 helps Apple regain ground on Android and Windows Phone (Google translation)
Published on 30th Sept 2013 by TeK Sapo

“Carlos Marcelino of Appscot believes that iOS 7 accompanies a trend already adopted by rival software to create a design that highlights the content within apps…”

The Apps Mag
Published on 11th Sept 2013

“Net Wage PT, developed in AppsCot by the team of Carlos and Dário Marcelino, is a very useful app that will allow you to calculate your take home salary and much more information…”

Calculate your take home salaryário-liquido.html (Google translation)
Published on 9th Sept 2013 by Semana Informática

AppsCot introduced Net Wage PT, an app that calculates the real wage and is available as mobile app (iOS and Android) and as a website.
This new salary simulator allows the user to find out how much he will be paid in the end of the month, «becoming and ideal tool for job interviews ou to negotiate your salary», the company believes.

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