Net Wage PT updated for the new 2013 rules 31

Following the approval of the Portuguese Budget for 2013 and the new taxes laws AppsCot has updated Net Wage PT. The new version 1.2.0 is available on the App Store and Google Play. With this new version you can find out how the new rules implemented by the government impact your take home salary, namely the Christmas Allowance IRS Extra Tax and the Solidarity Tax. But we went further than that, we’ve listened to our customers and we’ve added features requested by them such as the option to include a Shift Allowance and also the calculation of net wage for the vacation/Christmas month (including the respective allowances).

Briefly, Net Wage PT 1.2.0 adds:

  • IRS Tax brackets updated to 2013
  • Calculation of the new Christmas Allowance IRS Extra Tax
  • Calculation of the new wage for the vacation/Christmas month
  • Inclusion of the Shift Subsidy
  • Calculation of Christmas and vacation subsidies when split across the year
  • Calculation of the Solidarity Tax

Additionally we’ve also updated for 2013.

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