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net wage site image AppsCot is proud to announce that the companion site of Net Wage PT app – is now online. There you can do most things you do in the app in case you don’t own a smartphone, or you’re unable to acess your device at a given moment. Now you can access the very same features that made the Net Wage App so popular (6000+ downloads till now) at any time, through the internet.

Features of the Simulador Salário Líquido (.com) website:
  • Daily, monthly and yearly net salary
  • Net salary during the Xmas and vacation months (including the respective allowances)
  • Meal Subsidy taken into consideration (option to calculate its monthly average based on holidays and bank holidays as well)
  • National Insurance deductions
  • IRS deductions and bracket
  • Total deductions

With this new website AppsCot strengthens its mission to make relevant complex content available to the general public through intuitive and easy to use tool.

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